Two Great Quotes…

Here are the two quotes Brian used at our Bible Study of Genesis 1:26-31.  They both relate to our being created in God’s image…  The first, by C.S. Lewis, helps us in how we should think about and treat others and the second, by G.K. Chesterton, talks about the inconsistency of a materialist view of the world.  Enjoy!

  1. According to C.S. Lewis “The load, or weight, or burden of my neighbor’s glory should be laid daily on my back, a load so heavy that only humility can carry it, and the backs of the proud will be broken. It is a serious thing to live in a society of possible gods and goddesses, to remember that the dullest and most uninteresting person you talk to may one day be a creature which, if you saw it now, you would be strongly tempted to worship, or else a horror and a corruption such as you now meet, if at all, only in a nightmare. All day long we are, in some degree, helping each other to one or other of these destinations. It is in the light of these overwhelming possibilities, it is with the awe and the circumspection proper to them, that we should conduct all our dealings with one another, all friendships, all loves, all play, all politics. There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilization—these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit—immortal horrors or everlasting splendors.” – From The Weight of Glory

  2. “As a politician the secular person will cry out that all war is a waste of life and then as a philosopher will admit that all life is a waste of time. The secular person goes first to a political meeting where he complains that the natives are being treated as if they were beasts and then he goes to a scientific meeting where he proves that all human beings actually are beasts.” – GK Chesterton
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